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Refresh Pivot tables

Hi Team,

I was wondering if there's any chance of implementing the action "Refresh Pivot Table" in a new release of the DX MS Excel VBO?

Thank you & Kind regards,


Román Sánchez
RPA Developer

I appreciate everyone who worked on it and rushed to have it published. There are many such codes and actions built by users which stays in community and could not reach to the DX. Although the DX ideation page is available, I don't believe users are regularly using it. Perhaps DX ideation and the main DX portal can be combined.

We can have some reward programs, help guides, help teams, etc. to encourage people to submit new assets to DX so we have rich activities and users dont end up creating custom codes for them. This is also one area of improvement, as other platforms are ahead in this race since they have literally every action covered in prebuilt assets, which makes the tool easy to use and creates fewer blockers in development.

If I was of assistance, please vote for it to be the "Best Answer".

Thanks & Regards,
Tejaskumar Darji -
Technical Lead

No problem Im glad it was helpful 🙂

Michael ONeil
Technical Lead developer