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Resolved! Directory is not working

Hi all, Could you please assist me? I'm experiencing difficulty saving a file in my created folder. I'm uncertain as to why it isn't functioning correctly. Here's the scenario: the bot is attempting to save a file, and a pop-up appears prompting the ...

Resolved! What is a Digital Worker?

Can somebody explain - What a digital worker is, how is it different from the processes we made in studio.  ------------------------------aanchal------------------------------

AS by Level 4
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Processes are established in the Control Room through the scheduler, but remain in a pending state. This has the effect of blocking all future processes scheduled on that machine.

LOG:[2024-02-15 02:14:22Z] New connection from[2024-02-15 02:14:24Z] Disconnected - System.IO.IOException: Unable to write data to the transport connection: An established connection was aborted by the software in your h...

Auto Complete Values from a Column

Hello everyone,  I'm facing a problem where I have a table like this in my document I need that the values from group 1 repeats until it gets another value on the Group column, like the Group 2 value.Is it possible with misc parameters or any formul...


Outlook Vbo - Move Item

outlook vbo - move item - internal: could not execute code stage because exception thrown by code sage: the operation failed.code:tryDim folder As FolderDim item = olNamespace.GetItemFromID(Entry_ID)folder = GetFolderFromPath(Destination_Folder)If (f...

Batch History - Unavailable

Hi All, I am able to push, submit and extract the batch in Decipher but I can see that in reports none of the batch details are captured under Volume, History section. Is there a way to fix this issue ? Regards, Athiban ------------------------------...

Automate - Import/Export of Training Data/DFD/BT

Hello Team,   We are currently looking for a solution to automate the import/export of training data, DFD, BT. Something similar to BP Command Line options. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. ------------------------------Athiban Mahamathi...

Utility - File Management, HTML to CSV Conversion

Hello Everyone.  I need to convert HTML Data into CSV. The HTML Data is stored in a Text Data Item. When I copy paste the HTML Value (manually) from the Data Item (Copy - Paste) into a Text File and convert it using the Python Code (html2csv), I am g...

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Resolved! Application Modeller - Browser mode - SPAN

Hi guys, we use a target web application in customer services, in which IT provided me with a custom development for better readability for RPA.  I have problems with this element because it is a SPAN <span data-rpa="subject">MBZ test</span> and I do...


Unable to spy Java elements from Blueprism

when trying to spy elements in JAVA application launched from JNLP file getting below error message : System.InvalidOperationException: Exception getting Java Identfier KeyBindings Exception: Index was outside the bounds of the array.   at BluePrism....