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Click the Link in Outlook Email.

Hi there, I've got this Outlook email with a link inside, and I'm not sure how to click and open it in Microsoft Edge. Can you walk me through the steps to click on the link? Thank you. Below is an example of the email, with the link to

Lily.L by Level 5
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MS Excel VBO

My requirement is to read and excel and write only the filtered data based on a condition to another sheet in the same excel. For example- If Column A = "A particular value", then just write that entire row into another sheet having that column value...


Can't to get the last 0 from the Cell Excel

Hi Evryone,  When I whant tO get Collection from excel I got all data but when the data is Number I can't to get 0 in the last of Number like this 185.170 >> I Got juste 185.17 No 0 in the last of the Number . Thank you for your helping ----------...



How can I apply regex to a variable, so then I can store that result in another variable?------------------------------Lucia Lisdero------------------------------

lulis by Level 3
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PEXA Rest API Call using Utility HTTP VBO

Hi Team, I am trying to call Rest API using Utility HTTP VBO but getting a 407-error asking for Proxy Credentials and even after trying with proxy URL, user account credentials it is throwing the same error. Here's the Postman authentication which is...

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Resolved! Blue Prism Studio - Save Screen

Hi  I am wondering if it possible to customize the Save Process/Object screen . The reason I ask is ,that we log our bugs . updates in Dev ops and would like to make it mandatory that a Devops ID has to be added before a change can be made, that way...

RSHERRY by Staff
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Interact with Windows key

I am trying to make a reusable object to interact with Windows. I am not sure how the Application modeller is to be composed. Meaning the details that need to be there in Application Wizard like type of application etc.

Converting RAWXML inc. HTML to Collection

Hi, I am trying to convert RAWXML data contained in a Data item to extract all elements into a Collection. The data contains html elements as well as well XML data that needs to be converted. I was wondering if there is any pre-built object in DX or ...

extract data from pdf

Hi, Im learning and I want to know:How can I extract the text from a pdf file?Thanks so much ------------------------------Lucia Lisdero------------------------------

lulis by Level 3
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Unable to attach to browser which is already running

Hello, Im struggling to attach to a browser that is already running. We have other automations which we have set up to do this and have no issues so not sure whats causing this issue however please see details below ... My automation is logging in...

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