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Resolved! Future developments with Blue Prism V6 enterprise

When I looked at the Blue Prism roadmap, I discovered that only V7 had new versions scheduled. Are there any chances that V6 won't release a new version now in the future? I mean, of course, this was anticipated at some time, but users need to know w...

Problem with keyboard automation in webpage

Hi,Recently, I have started to work on Blue Prsim. It is new to me. While practising, I have encountered a problem regarding keyboard automation. I am working on currency converting via web use case. After entering the currency (For example: EUR - Eu...

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Machine Learning "Not Working"?

Hi all,We have set up ML for a Document Type that recently went to Production with a success rate of about 55% (55% of documents had all fields captured correctly by Decipher).Our target threshold is 75%We pushed 1000+ documents through manual verifi...

MS Excel VBO

I am using Blue Prism version 7.1.2. In MS Excel VBO under get worksheet as collection i could see a input - Fetch Data With Method. What are the methods that are supposed to be given here ?

Outlook VBO fails to move messages

Hi all,Bit of a strange issue I'm hoping someone can help with.We have a process that needs to move emails from the Inbox of a shared mailbox to a subfolder.  It works fine in our test environment, but although it will read the contents of the inbox ...


Blue Prism has stopped working

When robot is opening excel file then the screen it was stuck . It says Blue Prism stopped working.Noted: I run robot by control room.Would you mind helping me what the issue and whether it belongs to Blueprism or the machine environment ? Thanks

Decipher - Best way to manage empty fields.

Hello, I need assistance with extracting decimal values from specific pages of Spanish treasury documents that have the following format: As you can see, each box containing the value to extract has a code in the format 00DDD. I am encounterin...

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Simultaneous execution of multiple processes

Hi, CommunityCan anyone clarify? What is the criteria that one Runtime Resource can execute multiple processes simultaneously? Please see my test below and let me know if this approach to test it is incorrect.At the first glance, I thought it would b...

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Insert Collection into table in SQL Server

I'm looking to take the data that is in a collection and upload it into SQL Server.  I am using the VBO "Data - SQL Server"; however, I thought there was a 'bulk copy' action but I am not seeing it.Is there a method to upload/insert/copy a collection...

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