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Invoke VBA (not using Run Macro action) feature

Hi all,I have recored macro on Excel and would like to invoke VBA script on a certain excel file through Blue Prism like UiPath's activity 'Invoke VBA' which allows VBA to run as .txt type as followingI'd rather invoke VBA script (.txt type) than 'Ru...

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YunaLee by Staff
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Interact Capabilities

Hey Community,I'm trying to implement Interact as a workflow solution for my team and I had a few questions which I'm having a hard time figuring out and hopefully some of you can help me with this. Can interact handle attachments with Personal Ident...

Resolved! Indicators for robot analysis - BI

Hello my friends,I am looking for new indicators to implement in the BI, currently we have the data for: execution time x number of items, machine utilization, exceptions, number of processings, however, I would like to see if anyone can contribute w...

Automating database migration & verification

Hi, Community Is there anyone who has experiences of automating DB migration & verification (specifically, from Oracle to HANA) using Blue Prism?  or Is there any tool in Blue Prism that can ease the burden of DB migration & verification, by any cha...

Trail version Password

Hi Team ,I have downloaded the blue prism latest edition but am unable to login with the admin credentials for free trial. can anyone help me on this to logon blue prism and work on things in blue prism?Thanks ,Rakesh P------------------------------R...

Blueprism integration with hadoop hive

Hi,Has anyone integrated with Hadoop hive to run a query and fetch the results? We are looking at an automation with a report in PowerBI and sourced to hadoop and we are trying to fetch the data directly from Data Source without having t use the Powe...

3017482 by Level 2
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usage of Run Macro

Hello,I am using action Run Macro , Gave handle and Macro Name but it is throwing error. Macro is available in the workbook, Please find attached screenshots------------------------------Sai Srinivas GS------------------------------

Login agent screen resolution issue on VDI

We are facing a problem when running though login agent on VDI. By default the screen resolution sets to 1280*800 on VDI when we run through login agent. However our preferred resolution is 1366*768. We tries setting the screen resolution on regedit...