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How to Kill Acrobat Reader 64 bit ?

I am unable to kill acrobat 64 bit with "Acrobat" as task name. For 32 bit "AcroRd32.exe" or "AcroRd32" is working.If i am going for 32 bit on 64 bit OS its throwing following error. ERROR: "System Exception" : Failed to perform step 1 in Navigate St...

Resolved! Different sheets of excel

Hi team, I have an excel with multiple sheets, I want to get data from all worksheets into different collections, the number of sheets can vary. ------------------------------aanchal mathur------------------------------

AS by Level 4
  • 8 replies

Resolved! BP 7.1 - Runtime Resource ASCR configuration

Dear community,I am reaching out as we want to upgrade to BP 7.1. So far everything looks sharp. We were able to schedule processes over our App server.Now when our developers want to run a process from one resource on an other. We hit issues with AS...


Trouble terminating Sessions of Mainframe application.

I'm having trouble terminating a Mainframe application that has two parallel sessions running. When I terminate the first session, it also closes the second session also, but when I try to terminate the second session, I receive an error message that...

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User created with Random numbers- SSO

Hello,We recently switched to SSO and BP 7.1.While creating the user through hub- if we have already created the user and retrying to create the same user. Then  it is creating with same user addition with random numbers.Eg 1st user: AdminBP2nd User:...

Resolved! Change items marked in work queue

Hi, is it possible to change what items are marked as in a work queue once they have already been worked? I have queue items which are business exceptions, and have been marked as an exception with the purple flag. I would like to change these to be ...

at392 by Level 4
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Regarding Browser Compatibility

Hello,As per the existing Browser extension Compatibility doc below, these versions of Blue Prism are compatible till 111.x.x of the Browsers as mentioned. Now, the Browser version were recently updated to 112.x.x as found in chrome and Microsoft Edg...

esaugos by Level 6
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Password reset

I am working with Blue Prism - Robotic Process Automation - v7.1.2I forgot my username and password.I am not able to enter in to it.Is there any solution to this problem of password reset ------------------------------Ashwin Perti--------------------...

Unable to Spy with Java Mode

Hi,   I'm not able to spy one Oracle Application (.jnlp) with Java spying mode. The application is downloaded by pushing a link to Edge browser and then opening it. All spy modes are working except Java.   Previously the application was being downloa...

GO Keyword of Sql query is not working in Blueprism

Hi,I want to execute SQL query in blueprism in that GO statement is there when I execute through blueprism I am getting error incorrect statement near GO. One query which have more queries which separated by GO,SO GO Statement must be there in query....