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Password reset

I am working with Blue Prism - Robotic Process Automation - v7.1.2I forgot my username and password.I am not able to enter in to it.Is there any solution to this problem of password reset ------------------------------Ashwin Perti--------------------...

Unable to Spy with Java Mode

Hi,   I'm not able to spy one Oracle Application (.jnlp) with Java spying mode. The application is downloaded by pushing a link to Edge browser and then opening it. All spy modes are working except Java.   Previously the application was being downloa...

GO Keyword of Sql query is not working in Blueprism

Hi,I want to execute SQL query in blueprism in that GO statement is there when I execute through blueprism I am getting error incorrect statement near GO. One query which have more queries which separated by GO,SO GO Statement must be there in query....

How to get Navigate Drag and Drop actions to work

I need to drag and drop and sign-in slider on a chrome webpage.I have attempted navigate stage using UIA element drag & drop actions and also using AA element drag & drop actions without success.element in question as below I see no BP documentation ...

DT by Level 4
  • 3 replies

Filter collection Action

I am always confused in what to write in filter collection action condition field, I mean can we right sql queries in that or we need to follow some specific format, kindly help! ------------------------------aanchal mathur---------------------------...

AS by Level 4
  • 2 replies

BP Process Intelligence Data Sheet

Learn how BPPI can help, by taking an automated, fact-finding approach to improving business value, providing real-time insights and complete process visibility to identify what processes will deliver the highest return on investment (ROI).

Which is a better approach?

Hi All - Let's say we have a process that has to work on 10 different web applications. The work that is to be performed in each of this 10 applications is unique. Which below is the better approach in terms of design/debug). Feel free to suggest any...

Resolved! When are VBO loaded?

We are evaluating the possibility to distribute files by using Blue Prism. There would be a VBO with a variable containing binary data that can be written to a file where ever the process is executed.Since those files could be relatively big, loading...

Resolved! Code Stage - PageSetup complier error

Hi all!Following is an excel macro code which is recorded in excel, placed in code stage.and there are compiler error when we check code.I'm very new to VB code so if anyone could get me clue to get closer to the resolution, I would really appreciate...

29610.png 29611.png 29612.png
YunaLee by Staff
  • 10 replies

Outlook O365 migration from Onprem

Need your help here In one of our engagements migration activity is going on . The client has moved from Outlook 2013 to O365.The authentication is now modern authentication. As part of this we need to get the authentication by using tokens. we alrea...

HariMR by Level 4
  • 22 replies

How should I shutdown Runtime Resources normally?

I turned the servers off, in order to remove some runtime resources.Most of them were changed to its state as Missing.AP server seems to be trying to reconnect to those servers, consuming its system resources.Do any one have a guide for normal sequen...