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To and CC email Address

Hii all , I have a situation where i want to get to and cc email ,but get received item only gets the display name , so please any suggestions on how can i retrieve email address of to and cc  ------------------------------Gowtham Bopaiah------------...

How to download a file using web api.

I want to download a file using Web API. After making request we are getting File data as text in the response content data item.For your reference I am getting the response as below as text type.%PDF-1.4 %����68 0 obj <</Linearized 1/L 1850803/O 70/...

AZ by Level 3
  • 9 replies

Blue Prism- Common Queries

Hi, I have few basic queries in Blue Prism. Kindly explain with very simple way to understand. Please explain the Different Run Modes.What is Interactive Client in BP ?Running a BOT & Running a session. Are they two different thing ? Please explain. ...

Covert Json Response to Required Data Formats

Hi All,I would like to convert Json response to required data formats.1. I am using an API, which compresses image and output response will be in Json(Text) format. How can I convert Response content into Image(Binary) data type?2. I am using an API ...

Resolved! get the attributes of the currently focused element

Hello, For example, on the web page shown in the figure below, the item "Last Name" indicated by the red arrow is currently in focus. I want to get the attributes of this input box element. Is there a way to know what element is currently in focus?-...

sumire by Level 8
  • 4 replies

Best way to run Python script

Hello Everyone!What is the best way to run python script in blue prism?Appreciate the answer.Thanks.------------------------------Harshith KumarGraduate Engineering TraineeSchneider Electric------------------------------

Filter Sender Email

Heyy Experts, Want to get the emails from a particular Email ID in Outlook. How to achieve this using the Standard Blue Prism VBO- MS Outlook VBO ? I tried simply by entering the Email ID as text, but not getting any output. Please advise. Thanks----...

Resolved! Utility File Management VBO not available

Hello Mukesh This worked much appreciated. I now receive an error when writing the CSV to disk and then moving from a subpage to end the process. I think the resolution is easy but I couldn't figure it out and Validation has no related errors, c...

Profesionnal Developer Certificate - Pearson Account

Hello, I am facing an issue while trying to book an appointment to take the test for the professional developer certificate. This certificate requires me to have already passed the Developer certificate, which I have already passed. However, I took t...