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Resolved! Merge Collection in BP

Hi Team,I want to understand how Merge collection works in BP.I am having collection c1 (9 rows, two columns-A & B) and coll c2 (42 rows . column C & D). All colms are different.When i use merge collection, it should add all 42 rows & 4 cols, right?B...

Error - invocation.

Hello Community, Looking for a resolution to this error please. Error - Highlighting results - Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. chrome browser, scraping data from web. I get this error often. Read that others encountered th...

Ducian by Level 2
  • 4 replies

Deleting old queue items in Bulk

Hello Everyone,We want to delete some old workqueues in our prod environment. All of them are paused in control room. In order to do that we must first delete the workqueue items (around 400.000 items). What are your recommendations for this? What is...

Data from excel to notepad

I have an excel file. All of its data needs to be pasted in Notepad. The data is comprised of around 1200 rows. I tried to use Save as & extension as .txt. The data copied in notepad is all distorted. Please advice.

Microsoft 365 Outlook

Hi @ewilson I am using the microsoft Outlook 365 (Graph API) and while Downloading attachments from email Some I am getting Below errors: Could not execute code stage because exception thrown by code stage: Column '@odata.mediaContentType' does not ...

Process Code Review

Hello all,In my organization, and also in many others I guess, process need to be deeply checked before going into production environment.To verify that process is correct, of course there is embeded validation tool in Process Studio, but we have add...

Resolved! Efficient Data Storage Method for Monthly Codes

I'm seeking advice on structuring a data storage system for the last 6 months' worth of codes. Each code follows a consistent pattern: GOV followed by a number representing the month (e.g., GOV3, GOV2, GOV1, GOV12, GOV11, GOV10). What would be the mo...

Sharepoint Site, drive, file ids.

Can anyone lemme know how to get Sharepoint Site, drive, file ids using MS Sharepoint API?  Thanks in advance!------------------------------Pradeep IDC------------------------------

Resolved! Utility - File Managment

 Is there anyway to work with shares, and or direct connections?For instance the example in the picture, there is no DNS for that server as it is our IBM. Im probably just being silly about it, but any ideas? Thanks, 

JPierce by Level 2
  • 2 replies

MS Edge JavaScript not working BP 7.3

Dear All, I use MS Edge (122.0.2365.92) and Blue Prism version 7.3 When I use the insert and invoke actions to run JavaScript it is not working at all. Is anybody experience the same behavior? Thank you.  

Director and its dependencies

Hello, I guess Director is a plugin for Hub / Control and therefore is not listed in the portal as product? It would be great to have this information somewhere. eg a section in the products overview what plugins are available, as detail to hub what ...

Resolved! Question: Debug Speed

Is it possible to set a default for Debug Speed?Is it possible to enable control over the Debug Speed while simultaneously preventing the ability to edit processes?

Managing Work Queue Items with Multiple Forms

Hey All,I'm looking to get some help as I'm new to Interact and am currently designing a solution to send forms back and forth from the automation to the business, business to business (the automation being the carrier and sending the form in between...

Attaching to Chrome using 7.2.1

Hello all ! What's the suggested methodology to attach to chrome in the following scenario Browser already LaunchedWindow title will always vary as it is set to the customer name  I'm using Process Name "chrome" and Child Index 0  -------------------...

Process with an Id of -1 is not running

Hi there, I have a problem when launching the MSEDGE. I have provided the Title and process name as msedge, and the child index is 0. I have tested to run the process at debug mode and it's working. But when I ran the process at the scheduled time, I...

Lily.L by Level 5
  • 2 replies