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Resolved! Cross Environment Version Control

Suppose at some point in the past a business object was developed in our Blue Prism Development environment and then imported into our Blue Prism Production environment. Also suppose that this object was edited and saved many times in the Development...

How to attach image in body of the mail.

HI,We are trying to insert a image within the body of email using Email-POP3/SMTP VBOWe have tried these logics in body of the send message action:"<html><p><img src="&[Attachment Path]&"> name </img><p><html>" and also "<html><p><img id="&"ImageID"&...


How do I insert an image in the body of an email?

I've attached the image "Return Mail Image Header.png" as an attachment to the email. However, I want to show this image in the actual body of the email. I tried using CID in the body like this, but with no success. How can I accomplish this? Is ther...


Could not open target process

Hello,Recently updated to BP 7.3.1 and updated the browser extension for Chrome to 7.3 as well.Ever since then any time my process needs to restart the chrome browser, when it tries to relaunch it it runs into this error.I have already went through t...


Query Regarding Concurrent Sessions in Blue Prism

I am writing to seek clarification regarding the handling of concurrent sessions in Blue Prism. My current license permits only one concurrent session at a time. During a recent test process executed in the control room, I observed a discrepancy betw...

Blue Prism License.jpg Control Room Execution by drag and dropping into Runtime resource.jpg Multiple Processes Running at the same time via Scheduler.jpg Processes completed successfully without any License errors.jpg
esaugos by Level 6
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Formatting Data Item

Hi everyone,I have a data item in Blue Prism that contains multiple codes stored as follows:1236718V981A876287672087740767I need to format this data item so that it appears like this: '12367','18V98','1A876','28767','20877','40767'.How can I achieve ...

PDF to JPG/PNG convert with Blue Prism

Hello team,Do we have any VBO available to convert PDF to Image formats(JPG/PNG)?Or any DLL with code stage that you are aware of to perform this file conversion.------------------------------If I was of assistance, please vote for it to be the "Best...

Resolved! Chrome Extension removed automatically

Hi Team,Any one facing issue like chrome extension removed automatically from browser.I am facing this issue from last 15 days with BPV6.6 only in chrome browser. In the meantime  firefox extension is always there.I checked with our security team it'...

Decipher Error During Installation

Hi,I am installing Decipher IDP 2.2 in our development environment. So far I have installed all pre-requisites and decipher components. All 4 services are running. So far, I have set-up the Decipher binding. But when I launch the Decipher Website, I ...

dsa206_0-1720712814764.png dsa206_1-1720712925577.png dsa206_3-1720712986681.png dsa206_4-1720713096997.png
dsa206 by Level 3
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Interact value changing upon submission

Hi.Just wondering if anybody has experienced it where the value a user entered on the form is changed when they submit it?I would say it's user error however this user is very conscientious and meticulous with their data entry so I am inclined to thi...

bug in attach data modeller buttom is stuck

hello! i just started my path with the learning license and when i click "attach" in data modeller the tool gets stuck evreytime i have to finalize blueprism from task administrator.  version 7.3.1thanks in advanced!


Chrome Extension Issue

There are many threads existing on this topic, yet none seem to contain a workable solution. I see one with responses from six days ago, but it is suggested to start a new thread.I have also tried support tickets to no avail.This has become high-prio...