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Region Mode Error in Remote Desktop

Hi Team,I encountered an issue where I initially succeeded in reading text from an image using surface automation, but upon subsequent attempts, I received an error stating, "Cannot find region identified as an image." Can you assist me in resolving ...

Excel missing add-ins ribbon

Hi all, When I open Excel manually I have Add-ins available, but when I open an Excel file through MS Excel VBO, Add-ins are not enabled. How can I have Add-ins enabled in Blue Prism when opening an Excel file, please?Thank you!

how To Delete empty columns in collection?

I have 500 rows and 150 columns in excel sheet which I am copying into collection (using Get worksheet as collection). Out of 150 columns, around 80 are empty. How should I delete those empty columns? If I use 'delete column' action, it will ask for ...

Haribp by Level 3
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Handling Large CSV File Extraction from Database

HiI need help with extracting a CSV file from a database using SQL queries in Blue Prism. In the development environment, everything worked fine. However, now that my bot is in production, the CSV file size exceeds 2 GB, causing an "Out of Memory" is...

The browser extension was not detected

Intermittently getting below error while launching and navigating through the chrome browser.The browser extension was not detected, please check that it has been installed and enabled. For more information, see the browser extension user guide.https...

AJP by Level 2
  • 10 replies

Region mode error

Hi Team,While im working with region mode in the first attempt it is working. In second try it is facing error like "Cannot find region identified as an image".Someone help me on this

Decipher Get Metadata: Login failed for user

Hi, We encountered an error "Login failed for user:" while getting the Batch Metadata in Decipher.  We've been troubleshooting this issue for the past weeks but could not get it to work.  Has anyone encountered this issue and any solution?

Get Metadata.png

Launch website with token in header

We need to login to a website using a username password and a token.  The token needs to be passed in the header of the HTML.   Can I pass this to the browser with the 'launch' action on the navigate?  Is there another object I should be using?I have...

error 0x80070012 while launching IE browser

Hi All,I am getting Launch' - There are no more files. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070012) error while launching Edge, PFA screenshot. I tried changing TabProcGrowth values for both user and local machine but still getting error, has anyone able to ...


Resolved! Capture 4.0 - Inconsistency in PDD generated

I am intermittently experiencing inconsistency in PDD generated from capture.Suppose while recording - there are multiple option visible vertically and in the PDD generated - Capture end up showing the wrong option this due to how fast op...

Neel1 by MVP
  • 2 replies

Problems with get files

Hi! I am having problems with file management. Get files. What is happening to me is that if I run the process manually, it brings me the files in the collection, but when I throw it in the control room, the process ends without doing anything. From...

Sofia by Level 3
  • 8 replies

Resolved! What are the advantages of using "active queues"?

Hello community,I am working on developing a process to consume work queue items as quickly as possible.Rather than scheduling a session that terminates each time all work queue items are processed, I am considering a session that continues to run in...