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Decipher-facing issue while verifying the data

HiI am working on Decipher for invoice process. so I am able to upload the invoice but i am not able to verify the data because the data is not populated  in required fields. PFA and let me know how i can resolve the issue.Thank you in advance.------...

Research - we need you!

Hi Everyone I don't know how July has come around so quickly, and we're really gearing up towards our October release and we need your help! We want to understand some of the challenges that you have had, or are having, around procuring and implement...

Issues on spying modes - Microsoft Edge Browser

Hi all,I'm trying to spy elements from a web app in Microsoft Edge and I'm facing difficulties as HTML mode is not available and Browser mode captures just the frame of the app but not the elements.The same objects used to interacted fine under IE Br...

Web API Service with JSON Path parsing

Hello Everyone,I'm struggling recently with an error generated by Web Service action that has following Json Path applied as output parameter: $..issues.keyThe error thrown at the process layer is: ERROR: Internal : Unexpected error Path returned mul...


Decipher going to Manual Verification stage

Hi,I am currently training Decipher to read different types of invoices. I have set the confidence threshold as 95%. In certain situations, Decipher is going to Manual Verification stage even when it has read all the fields accurately. I also noticed...

Blue Prism V7 Template

Hi Team,Do We have any templates for Blue prism V7?Regards,VinithRPA Developer------------------------------vinith chandra------------------------------

Login Agent Installation Via Command Line

We are trying to install Login Agent via Command line but we are not able to pass Blue Prism Server Connection Name as argument . Command is as follows : MSIEXEC.EXE /I "LoginAgent2.0.0_x64.msi" /l*v C:\temp\la.log /QB- ALLUSERS=1 BPCONN=myconnectio...

SQL 2019

Hi,I need to know which version of BP supports SQL 2019?Thanks------------------------------Lucia AlisesConsultantAccenture------------------------------

How to add new machine/vm into resources pool

I need to add new system or virtual machine to run the BOT. Please help me to how to add the new system in Available resource pool?If my understanding is wrong, kindly advise the solution.------------------------------Baranidharan Gajendran----------...


How do we trigger multiple BOT for One process

Good evening all We have a reconciliation process for ATM, we currently use the BOT process to reconcile over 900 terminals The process takes at least 6 hours, How do we trigger multiple BOT for the process so that we can reconcile 2 terminals at a t...