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Blue Prism 7.2 Utility environment VBO Issue

Hi Community, We recently upgraded Blue Prism to 7.2 from 7.1 in Windows Server 2019 (64bit OS). While we were testing the process, the “start process” & “Run Until End” actions fails in utility environment VBO. When we run it, Blue Prism 7.2 is show...


Upgrade to 7.2: can I go from 32-bit to 62-bit

Hi, we are prepping for an upgrade from 6.10.4 to 7.2 (with a new install and migration strategy). What criteria should I be evaluating to decide if I should install the new version as 64-bit? I have some processes that make use of 32-bit e.g. a ODBC...

Memory allocation and management 6.10 vs 6.5

Hi folks, One of our processes always uses a lot of memory while running. This previously lead to OutOfMemory errors. To avoid these, we've done the following: Use OLEDB SQL for filtering collectionsCopy data from large collections in chunks rather t...

PvD_SE by Level 12
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Resolved! Oracle SQL_Data - Oracle (MDA)

Hi Team,I'm using Data - Oracle (MDA) VBA to execute the one of the Query to alter the package but it's giving the error like Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object. and I'm using the Execute Action from the VBO.My Query looks ...

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Run exe using Blueprism

Hi all, Can someone please guide me how to run an exe file using blue prism VBO. Tried using utility environment;start process, when i passed the command in arguments its exiting the stage and the script is not running. Please help. Thanks in advance...

Microsoft 365 - Excel

Hello, We are trying to automate M365 excel and for that I have imported M365 Excel asset from DX. I have no idea on how to get the Workbook ID, Worksheet ID, File ItemID, FolderID to work with M365 Excel actions like Open Workbook, Get Worksheet as ...

Resolved! Blueprism on Azure

Hi, We have a blueprism runtime machines in the form Azure VMs. I want to scale out and scale down using auto scaling in Azure. Has anyone done that in the past? We can also look for options regarding "Virtual Machine scale set".  If anyone who has A...

Non-standard mainframe application (Vista TN3270)

Hi all, I'm facing an issue with a non-standard mainframe application which is used within my organization, Vista TN3270 Tom Brennan Software - Vista TN3270.  The application is launched with an .exe file and I have been able to launch the session by...

KieranM by Level 2
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Need an explanation of Blue Prism Liecensing?

It would be great if someone can explain the Blue Prism licensing concept. How are the below five resources distributed across 4 sessions/digital workers? Is the distribution done automatically based on availability or do we have to do it manually? F...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Email notification when Resource PC is unavailable?

Hi! Is there a way for Blue Prism to send a notification email whenever a resource PC is offline (or if it's offline when trying to run a scheduled process)? As of now, if the resource PC is unavailable at scheduled time, there is no notification t...


Hello everyone!My name is Kingsley David, and this is a succinct bio about me.-Current role: RPA Developer-Where you're currently based: Nigeria-Background in RPA/Tech: Blue Prism is my very first engagement with RPA, which is turning out to be long-...