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Resolved! Excel_VBO

BP可以实现合并单元格的操作吗,如果可以的话 应该怎么实现,大佬们有具体的方法吗?谢谢大家!------------------------------Zejun Sun------------------------------

Run process automatically

Hii,Is there is possible way to run process automatically with the third party access. if I expose the process as the web services then it is possible to access that process through third party and run directly from the third party application.Or the...

Blue Prims 浏览器的扩展程序

大家好!我在安装浏览器的扩展程序时遇到了问题,我一直没有找到下载Blue Prims的扩展程序,我从哪里能得到这个程序呀,谢谢大家!------------------------------Zejun Sun------------------------------

✨Small bites for big learning!✨

Hi Everyone,Check out our Learning Bites catalogue over on Blue Prism University!This catalogue is dedicated to offering quick 15 minute max sessions on a large range of Blue Prism topics.Some of the sessions include: How to set-up a Default Encrypti...

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Resolved! Blue Prism 与办公软件的交互

大家好!我有一个问题想咨询一下,我刚找了一下相关培训课程,没有找到有关Blue Prism 与办公软件 World、Excel等之间交互的相关培训,有大佬知道嘛,指点一下 谢谢!------------------------------Zejun Sun------------------------------

새로 들어오신 분들을 환영합니다.

새로 들어오신 분들을 환영합니다.처음 경험하시는 분을 위해 블루프리즘 파운데이션 교육을 소개해 드립니다.비디오 학습할 때 필요하신 분들은 CC에서 한글 자막을 선택하실 수도 있으니 활용하시기 바랍시오.Blue Prism® Foundation Training

Resolved! Login BP VM & run a process

I'm looking for a solution to login BP VM through BP core code and execute a BP process through a command or query.In detail, this logic needs to implement on a BP code level1. Login BP VM through windows cred (where are creds stored for BP login?).2...


I have activated my license. But it says, standalone license comes into effect after 5 days. So is that the reason i couldn't access the studio. So should i wait for 5 more days to access the studio. Pls check the screenshot and can someone pls help ...

Blue Prism Tag Filters

Hi am Preparing for AD01 and Came through this question. Can any one help me with the solution.Another Doubt- Can we use commas and (+) sign in Place of Semi colon is it allowed on tag filters?------------------------------Rohan Goswami--------------...