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 Challenge With Bot Connection To A Specific Oracle Database

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Yetty Osi posted 12-06-2023 06:47

We have recently upgraded to 6.10 from 6.5.

It is noticed that blue prism is unable to connect to a particular oracle database while it is connecting successfully to other oracle databases. It keeps returning the message stated below:

""ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied"?

 (Note that we have confirmed that Password and user ID are correct)

However, the particular oracle database we are having challenges with in 6.10 version connects successfully on 6.5 version.

Please has anyone experienced this sort of issue? 

Kindly advise. 

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Michael ONeil

Hi @Yetty Osi

Can you provide more information, such as the connection string you are using and possibly the SQL script you are trying to run?

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Leonardo Soares
What version of Oracle DB?
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Yetty Osi

The version is Oracle Database 11g 

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Yetty Osi

Does this mean that version 6.5 is not compatible with some versions of Oracle DB