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 Exception when using the scheduler

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Patrick Mueller posted 11-16-2023 08:32

I am facing an issue I never had before.

When I trigger a process manually by dragging and dropping a process to the resource, the process is executed without any issue just perfectly.

However, when I create a schedule and the schedule triggers the process on the resource OR even right click "Run Now" (does not make a difference) - the process does not run on the resource - we receive in the report the following entry:

When I drag and drop the Logout (or any other process) to the resource and run it - it works. I have no idea what could cause that.

Any idea ?

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Leonardo Soares Best Answer

Hello, have you tried restarting the application server?



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Harish Mogulluri

Hi Patrick Mueller,

 The scheduler tested in the above scenario,  how many tasks you have created. Did you put wait time after each task completion.

I would  make sure the wait time is updated appropriately based on the  windows login and log out time.

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Patrick Mueller

@Harish Mogulluri So actually it is even more strange - so the machine is totally idle - nothing scheduling, nothing planned.

When I try to run a schedule manually for this machine (or even a planned schedule) I receive this message - always - when I drag and drop a process to the machine and start it from the control room without the works perfectly fine.

It only happens on this one machine and I do not know why.

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Patrick Mueller

@Leonardo Soares Wow - that really solved the issues - we restarted the application server service overnight and now we are not receiving this time out issue with that one particular resource any more - thank you very much !

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Leonardo Soares
Hello Patrick,
Glad it went right.