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Scheduling issue in Blue Prism 6.2

Level 4
Hi, I am facing issue with scheduler in Blue Prism 6.2 version. My process must be executed daily 8pm to 8am.I have created a schedule.Scheduler is starting at that time but process is not running.It is showing the below error sometimes "Task: New Schedule - New Task - Session creation failed on resource 'XXX': Failed to create session on XXX- Failed to get effective run mode - Unable to calculate run mode - object Blueprism.Automate.clsCredentialsActions does not"  sometimes "Task: New Schedule - New Task threw an exception: Resource XXX is offline - retried 10 times" sometimes "Object reference is not set to an instance of an object" Please help me.        

Level 7
Hi, This issue was there in version 6.2 and is resolved in 6.2.1 as of now.…  Regards, Ravinder Saini

Level 2
Hello: I had the same issue. The way we solved it was connected all the Runtime Resources to the Blue Prism App Server instead of straight to the database. Thanks. Rayann Yassine