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Operation Timed Out Error

Hello All,We are getting an error as "ERROR: Exception : 0x80131505: The operation has timed out." while running the Login Agent (Login) in Scheduler. Kindly advise how to fix this.Thank you.------------------------------Simanchala PattanayakLead Sol...

Resolved! Export function can not save file names correctly.

The Captured Process Name is "CentrixDataSolution - 첫 캡처(1)".When I export this capture then bprelease and json file names are wrong while docx and pdf files are good.I hope they are fixed soon.------------------------------Bohyon HwangDirector블루프리즘S...

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Blueprism firefox browser extension

Hi,We are trying to install the firefox browser extension. The link seems to be broken since yesterday. Does anyone know the correct link? Thanks,Vipin

Interaction with EPIC thick client

EPIC system becomes unresponsive when the virtual worker tries to process multiple records in EPIC (Equivalent to queue items in BP work queue) consecutively. As a temporary solution, the virtual worker currently login to EPIC & logout of EPIC for ea...

How to connect to Box Application

Hi everyoneI want to update or get files in Box, so i need connect to Box application.I think can use VBO Box API from DX.But, i don't know yet how to get the value of Client ID, Client Secret in Authenticate action.Can you help me where i can refer?...

THANGHA by Level 2
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Retrying queues for a particular date

Hi everyone,I want to know how I can retry all queues for a particular date, completed, exceptional and locked items. if i want to retry queues which was created on 11/25/2022. How do i do that?Thanks------------------------------Ajithran Balasubrama...

Resolved! Utility - HTTP object

Hi everyone,I have a question about Blue Prism's Utility - HTTP object.Is version 10 below the newest version of Utility - HTTP object?!------------------------------THA...

Decipher checkboxes issue

Hi guys,I discovered  a problem and I am not sure which is the cause. The problem is regarding the Decipher checkboxes - the values which were recognized in Decipher versus the values which arrive in BluePrism. The correct values which were checked i...

Connecting to Azure Synapse

Hi,I am not able to connect to the database in Azure Synapse via Blue Prism (It's external DB, not BP DB).An AD account is set up in Azure and I am using the correct AD credentials when I am trying to connect.Any thoughts?

Urgent - Servicenow Integration Retreive Tickets

Hi,Currently I am working on a usecase to retreive tickets from servicenow based on the condtion. For example, I wanted to retreive all the tickets having short description "Create a Material". I am stuck in writing the query to retreive the tickets....

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SwapnaS by Level 2
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