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Decipher Classification (differentiate similar documents)

Hi Team - I am working on adding a new document type/DFD to an existing batch in Decipher. It is roughly similar to another already configured document type in terms of formatting, but does have a discrete header and some other differences in the act...

Resolved! Different Versions of same document

Hi Team -  I am trying to configure a document that has two main formatting variations depending on the sender. This is due to our external partners using different submissions services to fill out the document and send it back to us. These services ...

Integration with Microsoft Teams

Hi All,I am looking into the possibility of posting the report file from the robot to Microsoft Teams rather than via Outlook.I have seen there was a connector called 'webhook' which would normally be used for this integration, is this still availabl...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 4 replies

get date/time type items as string type using 'Data - OLEDB'

Hello,I want to retrieve a DB table using "Data - OLEDB".In that case, I want to get date/time type items as string type.I wrote it like this:cast(startdatesime as Char) as startdatetimebut it gives me an error.If I just write "startdatetime" and get...

sumire by Level 8
  • 4 replies

automateC SSO login using DB connection not working

Since updating to 7.1.2, when running automateC from our app server specifying the app server connection string, it logs in fine, but when using the DB connection string, we get the following error:"Login failed: User could not be updated during logi...

Calling an VBO action in code stage

Hi All, I need to call diferente VBO Actions dinamically, can I do it by a code stage? Something like the code below, sugested by chatGPT? (can't put this code to work beacause don't know how to declare (using BluePrismAPI and witch dll to import)Whe...

Data Gateways - impact on production environments

Hi Team, We are about to implement Data gateways for the first time in our project.We have tried fulfilling the pre-requisites from this guide steps.In the process of checking the pre-requisites we tried to configure 8101 ports in Blue Prism to ident...

BP Data Gateways Engine component.jpg
saurabh by Level 3
  • 3 replies

Help! - Unable to Spy anything in Blueprism 7.3

Hi Team, I'm unable to spy anything in any mode using my Blueprism 7.3 learning edition. Facing the below error-  "There was an error during the spying operation.System.InvalidOperationException: One or more errors occurred.   at BluePrism.AMI.clsAMI...

kuhoog by Level 2
  • 1 replies

Missing License

I have a same question. I have not received the license email. please help me.Here are the details regarding the versions of SS&C Blue Prism that I downloaded on March 29, 2024:Blue Prism Learning Edition: Version 7.3.0, downloaded as BluePrismLearni...

daoming by Level 3
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Attach error when using Control

Hello, I'm working on my first few automations and I'm having an issue that I wanted to check if someone had any ideas for me to proceed?I have a process that launches 7zip, browses to the path it needs, selects the zip file it needs and then clicks ...

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