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Digital Worker connection

Hi, Im new to Blue Prism, Im doing the course: my digital worker says Idle and Not connected, how i have to connect it? ------------------------------Lucia Lisdero---------...

lulis by Level 3
  • 2 replies

Count unique values in a collection

Hi Community, After retrieving data from a website, I have a collection with some main fields, each having its own sub-fields. The sub-fields will only contain either 'SUCCESS' or 'FAIL'. I want to count the number of results and store them in two se...

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BP v7.0.1 upgrade and callback channel error

Hi, Community.Can anyone guide us regarding the following error message?We have upgraded the BP from 6.8.1 to 7.0.1 and ASCR setting remained as default with its port = 10000, hostname = localhost, callback = gRPC.We changed the port number to 20000 ...

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AppServer Stop/Start and RR status

Hi All, We are on BP 7.1. We have the Blue Prism Server and SQL Server services set to automatic start under services. Each time we have a server upgrade(windows updates) and we need to restart the server, we do it in this order.  Stop App Server (u...

Resolved! Object Reference not set to an instance of an object

The code stage has no errors compiled, while running it fires this error ==>Object Reference not set to an instance of an objectWhy is not saying which is the error??------------------------------CohenRPA DeveloperRomania-----------------------------...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 6 replies

Resolved! Directory is not working

Hi all, Could you please assist me? I'm experiencing difficulty saving a file in my created folder. I'm uncertain as to why it isn't functioning correctly. Here's the scenario: the bot is attempting to save a file, and a pop-up appears prompting the ...

Resolved! What is a Digital Worker?

Can somebody explain - What a digital worker is, how is it different from the processes we made in studio.  ------------------------------aanchal------------------------------

AS by Level 4
  • 6 replies

Processes are established in the Control Room through the scheduler, but remain in a pending state. This has the effect of blocking all future processes scheduled on that machine.

LOG:[2024-02-15 02:14:22Z] New connection from[2024-02-15 02:14:24Z] Disconnected - System.IO.IOException: Unable to write data to the transport connection: An established connection was aborted by the software in your h...

Auto Complete Values from a Column

Hello everyone,  I'm facing a problem where I have a table like this in my document I need that the values from group 1 repeats until it gets another value on the Group column, like the Group 2 value.Is it possible with misc parameters or any formul...


Outlook Vbo - Move Item

outlook vbo - move item - internal: could not execute code stage because exception thrown by code sage: the operation failed.code:tryDim folder As FolderDim item = olNamespace.GetItemFromID(Entry_ID)folder = GetFolderFromPath(Destination_Folder)If (f...

Batch History - Unavailable

Hi All, I am able to push, submit and extract the batch in Decipher but I can see that in reports none of the batch details are captured under Volume, History section. Is there a way to fix this issue ? Regards, Athiban ------------------------------...

Automate - Import/Export of Training Data/DFD/BT

Hello Team,   We are currently looking for a solution to automate the import/export of training data, DFD, BT. Something similar to BP Command Line options. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. ------------------------------Athiban Mahamathi...