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exportpackage can't export existing release in BP v6.5.1

We are using BP v6.5.1, and I can't find this exportpackage function in this version's Help doc.The latest v6.8 Help has this function, but I can't use it to export an existing release, see the error below. Any idea how to export an existing release ...

Resolved! Not able to run my machine as a resource.Offline

Resource PC showing this error message ---Listener failed : Unable to start listener - is this machine already running as a Resource PC? : Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permittedNot able to run proc...


Resolved! Add Image to Word

Hello AllOne of my costumers has requested to add to a specific place in a Word document his digital signature as well as his Logo on the top left side of the Document.How can I handle it in a nice and stable way?I have the signature/Logo in a Word D...

License Activation

Hi Team,i am unable to activate the Trail software am getting a message as license has expired.could you please help on this.Regards,santhosh------------------------------GenpactIndian/Maldives------------------------------

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Resolved! Rest API Call - 407 Authentication required

Hi Experts,I had invoked restful API hosting in azure from Object and received below error.Internal : Unexpected error Error during Web API HTTP RequestHTTP Status Code: 407HTTP Response Content: <HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Access Denied</TITLE>This is becaus...

Resolved! Perfect design of all stages for Multibot

Hi,I am creating a process where it will do is that read a excel file from folder and it will have sorted with latest file and create workqueue.After some calculation in excel it will do surface automation and then update business exceptions and ever...


Resolved! Need to Sort a collection of Date time field

Hi Created a collection which contains all the files and its created date as datetime.Need to sort it with the latest or the oldest one.How to do it?I can write a C# code in the code stage but I am opting out that options.and also I have another a so...

Resolved! Outlook VBO on Multiple Email Boxes

I'm attempting to use the Outlook VBO with release 6.3 to pull all the sent emails from the various group emails on my Outlook but I an only get the sent emails from my default email a none of group emails. Does the out Outlook VBO allow me to pull s...

Resolved! Type 'HashSet' not defined

I'm attempting to use a HashSet in a Blue Prism code stage, but it keeps coming up with an error saying that "Type 'HashSet' is not defined". The specific line of code that is generating the error is this: Dim Values As New System.Collections.Generic...

Resolved! Question : Get Exception Items

Hello everyone,"Get Exception Items" from Internal "Work Queues" BO is not giving correct results.  For example, I have 3 exceptions. I retried 1 and marked that too as exception.  So, total 4 exceptions in my queue.  When I call the "Get Exception I...

Resolved! Issue with license

Hi, im getting an error during the license activation of License (Education). I installed the license in my old laptop, and now I get a new laptop from our business and I installed blue prism again, but once I try to put the license i get the followi...