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Queue Reporting VBO

Hello, Downloaded Queue Reporting  VBO, it all works good but we have issues with Performance Report  and data in  - "Median Case Times" Result shows as #NUM! Someone had same issues and can provide more information we need to fix template or edit...

Integration with Azure Key Vault

Does Blue Prism has ability to work with password hashes? We are working on a solution where, our passwords for target/legacy applications will be stored in Azure Key Vault as username and password hash. How do we integrate this for the Blue Prism  ...

Outlook very slow to launch via blueprism

Hi everyone   So, on our virtual machine, when I run outlook, it usually takes few seconds to run, however when outlook is launched via blueprism, it takes extremely long... We are using navigate stage to launch outlook and have recently switched ...

Report for Total Runtime per Resource Bot

Is there a way to run a report that shows the total runtime of a Resource/Bot. Whether per day, week month etc. Essentially I'd like to generate a report that allows me to see how much time a bot is online performing processes.   Thanks

MAPIEx - Move Mail to Inbox

Hi, On the Move Mail action in MAPIEx latest version, it is said that if you do not specify a 'Move to Sub-Folder' parameter, it will move it to the Inbox, however this does not appear to be the case. Has anyone come across this issue and knows how...

Mapiex VBO

Hi All, I wants to do below steps in outlook, 1. Check if new emails available -"Using Get Mail". 2. If available - Read email and Store in to the Collection. 3. Process excel - Move collection to Excel file. 4. Move the Email to the Processed Fold...

KaliRaj by Level 3
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PDF Scan Copy Automation

Hello all, My PDf is Scan copy, It contents Three lines of text and two images, i need to do is I need to spy the total scan copy pdf and extract data form that PDF. 1. Im able to Launch and able to spy PDF in Chrome browser. 2. It has 3 lines of mat...

Session Log Viewer

Hi! I've got a problem and I need your help please. When I try to navigate to the first page in the Session Log Viewer in one process, it's to long (14 pages) and crash BP by excess memory used. Also I try to save the log in a TXT file and the proble...

Scan PDF

Hello all,   I need to Spy Scan Copy of PDF. Im able to launch file in Chrome browser, able to spy the application. Issue is, data which in Scan copy and what ever data i got form reading file is different.. My Scan copy PDF contains, three lines...