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error while launching application after closing it

Hi All, we get below error when we launch application after we close it, we are using close action in navigate stage.

Failed to perform step 1 in Navigate Stage 'Launch' on page 'Launch' - Application already launched

the chrome instance with application is already closed, we have given a wait of 10s as well after closing application and before re launching it again

BP version is 6.7.2, chrome version is 114.x


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Hi Sameer,

Some application stay alive in the background even if you close them. Chrome and Edge are examples of that.

In such cases, doing a hard close, aka Kill will resolve the situation and allowing you to launch the app again. Of course, a short wait between the kill and the launch will be a good idea.


Happy coding!

Happy coding!
Paul, Sweden
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Thanks @Paul JHM van Doorn for your response, for some reasons I cant Kill chrome process as it will kill rest of the target applications as well which we want to avoid to avoid account lockout issue.

Hi Sameer joshi,

As you mentioned after close application  you Cant  kill the process  If So 

Did you get chance to use wait stage after the close application? 

Seems like you are trying to interact with multiple chrome instances? and trying to launch the new chrome instance is that correct?

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Harish Mogulluri