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Using Graph API with Proxy

Is there a working VBO available for accessing Microsoft Graph API while using a Proxy?I tried different things with the existing Graph VBO but i'm not able to use the Graph API inside BluePrism. When i'm using the same requests in Postman (with prox...

Run Process from CMD

Hello,We are looking at making our bots more efficient in terms of running process and not having down time on some bots.Our biggest blocker is that we use an AD account per process.  This limits us in terms of orchestration as the bots need to log o...

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SS&C | Blue Prism® Decipher 2.2 is now available

It is with pleasure to inform you that Decipher 2.2 is now available.  For more details of this version, please read the product release announcement here: SS&C | Blue Prism® Decipher 2.2 Many thanks, Amy------------------------------Amy TsaousiSr. C...

Multiple Excels into Single Excel

Hi All,How to combine multiple excel files into single excel file in Blue Prism?------------------------------SYED FAHEEMRPA DeveloperDAR-MEAsia/Kolkata------------------------------

Run Power Query from Blue Prism

Hi, I have a query in Excel that is connected to multiple files in order to run return two tables. I would like to run power query from blue prism. I have a 6.10.1 version and Excel 2013. There is no excel VBO action, so what would you recommend? I h...


Get the Free text and Table from the HTML data.

I am reading the data using the API from an application and returns that data in HTML format which contains free text and table in it. How to get the free text and table from it.Thanks in advance.Attached the HTML table file and also attached capture...

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"blue prism rpa pruduct review "

Blue Prism is a popular RPA tool that offers a range of automation capabilities for businesses across various industries. Its key features include drag-and-drop functionality, a comprehensive control room, and advanced analytics and reporting. W...

Resolved! Impact on Blue Prism after Windows OS Upgrade

Hi Team, We are using Blue Prism Version (with .NET Framework version 4.7) on Windows 10 Enterprise version having OS Build version 19042.2604. Now we are planning to upgrade the OS to Windows 11. Can anyone help me with what impact wil...

Page Copy with all input and output set

Hi Team, Does anyone know how to copy the blue prism page action from one process to another process with all input and output parameters? Currently, every time we copy again we need to select the page name and pass all the parameters even though the...


Not able to spy controls inside iFrame

Hi Team, I am working on one application that i built in java. It is a web application. It is using IFrame in HTML. Whenever i am trying to spy any button or textbox inside this application then the BP tool is not able to spy that element. Request y...

Resolved! Excel Font Color

Hi team,I have an excel in which a column has red colored text in it/font color is red, I have to filter that column on that basis ,Can anyone tell me how to do that?------------------------------aanchal mathurSystem engineerInfosys ltd--------------...

AS by Level 4
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Component Object Best Practice

Hi, I really need clarity on when I should create a component object for an application. I'm planning to set a standard on this multi layer approach and this means creating a component object for all objects even if they are small and not reusable su...

Jobskie by Level 3
  • 2 replies

Working together on one process

A General question, has anyone a Suggestion how two or more developers can work on one process together? Once opened the process is locked, so that you you have to create several copies. But how can you merge these relatively quickly. Is there a poss...

Resolved! How to use MS Outlook Email VBO

I don't understand how to use the "MS Outlook Email VBO"? I want it to just connect to my inbox and anything. But there doesn't seem to be a launch or login stage or anything like this. I read on other Threads that the VBO only needs to have Outlook ...