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Automating Power Query

Morning all. We're investigating the possibility of picking up a project which requires us to merge a large number of spreadsheets into a single 'master' sheet, with all the sheets stored on a Sharepoint site. Having not automated anything via Sharep...

Resolved! Application Modeler Dropdown selection

Hello,I have looked through all of the past posts but still no luck for me. I have a drop down where I can get to the selection, via global send keys, using the first few characters of the input text (in this case "Bot"). I don't like this approach a...

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a026833 by Level 4
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AD01 Certification

Hi All, I was appeared in Ad01 exam , I was failed , I am wanting to retry , Should I pay again for the same. Or is there any other method to retry in free ?   Please Help me.------------------------------Dilshad Khan------------------------------

Microsoft Office 365 – Outlook not working

Hi,We have downloaded "Microsoft Office 365 – Outlook " from Digital Exchange. We are in process of testing this VBO where we can access shared mail box without Outlook installed in local and access is controlled through Azure. Now we are able to reg...

Resolved! Outlook VBO Move Email

Hi, I am having an issue with outlook where in an automation, when trying to move an email item from the main inbox to a subfolder. This is for a shared mailbox accessed through the desktop app. When multiple items are run, the first one completes su...

at392 by Level 4
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BP SQL VBO Timeout

Hi all,I am attempting to run a delete SQL query on a DB in Blue Prism. I have my flow built, but I am getting: 'Execution Timeout Expired.  The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding. Operation ca...


I am using Blue Prism's Read with OCR function to extract the NRIC number from a PDF form that is system generated. Although it performs as expected in most situations, it sometimes misinterprets certain characters, such as reading "S" as "$", "I" as...

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Hi , I'm using the SQL query in OLEDB to get the Excel data but when I read the excel data in Blue prism I'm getting the difference in Date and Time values and I'm not getting the exact Excel Data in the Blue Prism Collection Please find the below ex...

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Downloading file from SharePoint

Hello All I am attempting to access a file from Sharepoint. In this scenario, mapping the Sharepoint site to local network drive is not an option and hence I am leveraging the Graph API. I am unable to convert the response from the download file acti...

Resolved! Send Document using Multi Part Form Data in Web API

We are trying to consume a webservice which take a document and other metadata using multi part form data Content Type.We are able to call the service successfully using Postman, but when using Web API feature of Blue Prism latest version 6.5 we are ...

POST API on Blue prism

Hi Guys I am working with POST api with Blue prism I am getting response while sending this post call to postman but getting error- (Internal : Could not execute code stage because exception thrown by code stage: Unexpected character encountered whil...