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A space for discussion around the Community site and programs.

Welcome to our 'Off-Topic' Community Chat!

A space for non-technical chat, tips for using the Community, and news from the Blue Prism Community Team.

This is not a Community for technical or Product related discussion. For a list of available communities, please visit our site map.

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  • Contemplating where to begin triggers a journey of self-reflection and strategic planning. Assessing priorities, setting goals, and outlining steps pave the path forward. Whether embarking on a project, a new phase in life, or self-improvement, the first ...

  • Hi Greg, I would suggest starting at this will then guide you to what your persona is and what BP University training courses align with that persona. It will likely end up what Wagner suggested (i.e. ...

  • Hello, greg bowers , a warm welcome! Please check out the community brochure here, to begin with the community. Additionally, you will find the top menu useful to navigate across various community programs. Feel free to post any questions ...

  • First of all, welcome to our community! Here, everyone strives to help each other, so don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions. You can start exploring the Blue Prism ecosystem by taking the Blue Prism Foundation course on the BP Academy. ...

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  • Hello, all! This is my first post after just joining this discussion, so please forgive me and provide kind assistance if I have posted to the wrong subsection. I have a very good interest in blue prism so I have started a certified training for ...

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  • Hi @Sandy P Im glad the previous solution resolved the issue for you, as for your other question you can change it using the same action to get it to other currency. You can either set it as a currency using the format value "#,##0.00 [$?-ru-RU]" which ...


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Raising this enhancement to get option to export HUB Audit Logs into any file format. We are using ...

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