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  • Hi Gavin No problem I think the below code should do what you need. If you need to change the data source of the pivot then there is an action already for this in the latest version of the excel vbo from blue prism. Hope this helps. Dim ws as Object ...

  • Hello Swapnil, This happens when a BP user has reached its expiry date.  For e.g. below is a sample of an expired account where you will get the above error when trying to log in. Ideally, this can be updated by admin users from the system manager ...

  • Hello @Toshinobu Nakamura , I'm not familiar with the EPIC client, but is it designed to work with multiple records at one time? What is the run-mode setting of your VBO that contains the Application Model for the EPIC client? Cheers, ​ ------------------------------ ...

  • I agree with @Tejaskumar Darji on the rpa challenge.  There are a couple out there and push you to your developing limits as the order of the input fields appear randomly for each entry.  Pulling current stock prices from Yahoo Finance. Downloading, ...

  • Hey @Neeraj Kumar I am yet to have an update of how long this will take to fix, our platform provider has identified that this is a bug an the specific issue that is triggering it but we are yet to be given a workable solution solution. I will give ...

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  • Hi Abdallah, Can I persuade you to provide a proper summary in your questions and avoid titles as 'Ask', 'Q' or 'Problem'? Thanks in advance! Also, please place questions on the behavior or quirks of BP nor in this part of the community, but in the ...


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idea is to add functionality in schedule management for example schedule has 4 tasks several processes ...

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