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  • I didn't want to jump in with my thoughts because I was genuinely interested to see what insights our community had and I wasn't disappointed!! One of the things I love about this industry is there's many ways to cut the same cloth and we do a variety ...

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  • Muthu VK - What stages are you using for writing -is it a write stage that is writing the card number or the Global send keys ? is it only when its writing or have you have checked the value of card number if its reading the card number right from web? ...

  • #BPTechTips on partial validation of expression is here ------------------------------ If I was of assistance, please vote for it to be the "Best Answer". Thanks & Regards, Tejaskumar Darji Sr. Consultant-Technical Lead ------------------------ ...

  • 🔥 Attention, mighty intelligent automation professionals! 🔥 A fearsome enemy has emerged from the depths of innovation, and it's your time to shine! We're thrilled to introduce our first-ever " Community Boss Battle! " where we call upon ...

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  • Hi, I have a process that pulls the full queue report data using the automateC command line option. It was working fine until now but i am getting this error "unable to fetch content from database". This process works fine for other queues but getting ...

  • What are the biggest challenges facing women in our technical roles? Women is an all rounder, they need to balance both career and personal life. Women who has support spend their time on learning and shining like star in tech roles, unfortunately ...

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Situation for BP v6.9 After each release import the information of exposed processes as web service ...

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