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  • Hi everyone, we are planning to move from BluePrism 6.4 to 6.10. Do we need to be aware of any specific topics so that we don't get any surprises? Any Suggestions and experience are highly appreciated! ------------------------------ Neal Gurung ---- ...

  • I am using 6.9. I was trying to access Credentials "Get" action directly from object and not through the process. Credentials grant access to Processes and not Objects. I realized this later and the issue was fixed when I retrieve credential in an ...

  • There are many tech tips from many of our fellow contributors. If can name a few were very helpfull #BPTechTips How to quickly copy collections ? #BPTechTips - Help with DB maintenance #BPTechTips - Multiples Environment variables #BPTechTips ...

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  • Hi Community Chat! Hope you're having a great week :) Today we would like to inform you about a new Community Coins competition that has just launched. This time, we've come up with 5 new Coin Challenges for you to go above and beyond: - Love ...

  • Congratulations @Tejaskumar Darji ✌ ​ ------------------------------ Manish Kumar ------------------------------

  • On Fri, 10 Sep 2021 at 9:54 PM, Melanie Giuliani via Blue Prism Community <> wrote: It's Friday, and that means another successful week of building, collaborating, and making connections on the Blue Prism Community! But ...

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