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MS Excel VBO

Level 2


Can anyone please try to help me with this error. I recently added MS Excel VBO from digital exchange. New to the Blueprsim.

During an excel operation I am getting the following error: When I'm trying to open workbook

Internal : Could not execute code stage because exception thrown by code stage: Culture is not supported.
Parameter name: culture
0 (0x0000) is an invalid culture identifier.


Following are the steps which I am doing in BP:
Create instance->open workbook-> show->get worksheet as collection->close instance

Thanks in Advance



Bonu Meghana

Level 2

Did you to solve it? , I'm having the same problem


A fix is being worked on now. It seems there's an issue in the Global Code where we try to read the systems culture info, but the .NET doesn't always work as expected.

Should have an update posted to the DX today.



@bonumeghana @electroisok @SabithaNirmal @rajeshkumarmuthineni @JayantG 

Version 10.3.2 of the Excel VBO has been posted to the DX. Should address the issue you're seeing with culture.



Level 2


I too get the same problem in blue prism 7.3  

Before this, I used blue prism 7.1.2.  There is no issue like this. I have lost my password. so I reinstall blue prism 7.3. In this, I got the problem. I tried many ways, but failed.

Have you resolved this? If you solved, guide me. 

Thank you.


@krlalliram so you've downloaded version 10.3.2. of the Excel VBO from the Digital Exchange, tested with it, and you're getting the same "culture" error?

I have downloaded Excel VBO version 10.3.2 and am getting this error. My BP version is quite a bit older though at 7.0.1. However, we don't get this issue with our older version of the Excel VBO so seems to be an issue with the current VBO. 

Level 2

@ewilson I have the same error too, and the problem still persist with the following trials:

Kindly advise.

My Blue Prism setup:

  • Blue prism version 7.3.0
  • Excel VBO version 10.3.2 (This issue didn't happen when using version 10.3.0)

@wktan42 we haven't been able to reproduce your issue. I'd advise to get the latest release (it's now 10.3.4) and try again. As you can see from the screenshot below, the only code that references "culture" is pictured, and the way the code is implemented is within a try...catch block. So there should be no exceptions related to the variable "culture" unless ytou're running an older version of the VBO prior to this try...catch being added.



Hi @ewilson , 

I have tried again with the latest VBO version (10.3.4) and still getting the culture error per screenshot below.

Screenshot 2024-07-16 150546 - Excel VBO Culture Error.png

I noticed in the code snippet you posted above the function with the try catch is called "InvokeReflection". However, the "Open Workbook" action code seems to reference the function "Invoke" (screenshot below). Maybe this is why it's still happening? Screenshot 2024-07-16 151435 - Excel VBO Open Workbook.png

Edit: just had a look further into the code, can see the Invoke() function then calls the InvokeReflection() function anyway so not sure why it's not being caught. 

My guess is that it's the declaration of the culture object that's throwing the error. For some reason, on your system, an invalid culture LCID (culture identifier) is being returned. We're going to move that declaration within the try...catch block. Update to the VBO will be posted later today.