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Utility - Strings Business Object

Good Afternoon Everyone,   I am new to Blue Prism development and am looking for documentation on Utility- Strings Business Object. I would need some additional help on the following actions in String Utility: Extract Regex Values InStr Split Text...

How to raise a ticket in Blue Prism

Hi all, Greetings of the day! I am not able to find "Support Tickets" option to raise a Blue Prism ticket. Even I am not able to view the ticket by the below mentioned ticket: Kindly help.

HTTP utility usage

Hi I am trying to use HTTP Utility, and the Post action there. There seems to be difficulties to get the Headers and/or Post Data parameters correct. I have tried several Header collections but I always get BP error "Internal: Could not execute cod...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Mapiex get mail message body

Hi  Apologies if this has already been asked. I'm new to Blue Prism /RPA, I have successfully been able to get emails through mapiex but I want to remove the html code so the body is just the plain text. (My idea is that the message goes into the t...

Python scripts in code stage

I am new to blue prism. With my in depth study in project and object studio I came to know under code stage we can able to use c#, VBO. Its possible to run python code in it. Thanks in advance

HTML Combo BOX Sans Surface Automation

Pretty new to BP and have only had basic BP training. Is there a way to select multiple items from a HTML Combo box without using surface automation? If you can point me to learning modules or other tools would be helpful or just basic flow would hel...

CR by Level 4
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How to trigger process as per email in outlook

Hi All, I am new to Blue Prism. Could any one let me know how to start the process bases on email in outlook. Scenario 1: Bot start process based on specific domain address e.g. once we receive email from Scenario 2: Bot start process bas...

How to open notepad

Hi Experts, I am a beginner in BluePrism. I am following the foundation training course and in one of the mentioned exercise they have asked to open notepad. I could not find a VBO to open the notepad. Please help me out. Exercise 5.3.1 of BP versi...

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Exception Handling

hello guys, Can anyone help me to understand how exception handling actually works. I am trying step over and step out . I have two pages the sub page contains exception stage and i am recovering that exception on main page. When i go to sub page by...

How to extract a report within BluePrism?

Hi everyone, I want to extract a report within BluePrism to provide more information on Volume handling as well as average handling time. Moreover; I also want to report on the exceptions by transferring those into an Excel file. I know there are s...

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Add extra data to a work queue

Hi, I'm new to blue prism and currently finishing off my first project, any help would be appreciated. We have loaded items to our work queue, but as our process moves forward we need to add more data to the queue (without duplication of the item) ...

Printing Objects

I'm brand new to Blue Prism and I couldn't really find the answer on the forums. Is there some kind of trick to arrange the objects nicely automatically on a single page during printing? I have found when I have moved objects around as the process ...