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Machine Not Running Schedulers

Level 2
Lately my robot's machine suddenly stops running schedulers.
Things I tried:
- Reboot the machine
- The machine shows up in Session Management and I can run the processes manually.
- Checking the Recent Activity report I get the error "Task: X threw an exception: Resource Y is offline - retried 10 times"
- In Event Viewer I couldn't find anything out of the regular.
- Asked IT to reset the service, but 2 days later it happened again.
- Checked BP threads, including Blue Prism Community and the issue mentioned of multiple logins shouldn't cause the issue as I'm only doing login after checking the machine is not login.

BP Version 6.8.1.

Any ideas of what could be happening and how can I avoid it from happening again?

Joao Silva

Hi Joao, if you can manually run processes on the same robot from your own Interactive Client then I suspect there is a communication problem from the App Server (where the scheduler is running on) to that robot machine. This could be a firewall setting that may have changed or some other security software that is blocking full communication from the App Server to the robot machine so you would have to check both machines for this.

The scheduler first creates a session on a robot and, if that is successful, it issues a 'start' session instruction to it. If the 'create' session fails because it can't communicate with the robot you will see this error. It may appear online from your machine but if you logon to the App Server, start an IC and look in Control Room check the status of the robot from there. It should be the same as what you see in your machine. You may have to work with your IT Infra Team's to try and identify any comms problems between the App Server and the robot machine.

John Cowell
Senior Software Support Analyst
Blue Prism
John Cowell Senior Software Support Analyst Blue Prism

Thank you John,
Currently I've reduced the number o check logins the bots are doing. It was a bit over the necessary.
I'll definitely check with my IT Infra team once/if this issue keeps happening.

Joao Silva