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  • Hello, anyone is using slack to run process ? Hola, ¿alguien está usando slack para ejecutar procesos? ------------------------------ Agustin Rodolfo Catalano Computing Engineering Santander Argentina America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires ---------------- ...

  • Hi All, I downloaded the GLYNT.AI release from the DX portal. But while importing I am getting the attached error. please help. ------------------------------ Kalpesh Gujrati Consultant EY India Asia/Kolkata ---------------------------- ...

  • Thank you! Charles, It worked. thanks, Raghu ------------------------------ Raghu Rao ------------------------------

  • For everyone's visibility, the Utility - Blue Prism Process Info VBO is listed here on the Digital Exchange: Cheers ------------------------------ Charles ...

  • yes, on both: ------------------------------ Cleidson Cordeiro ------------------------------






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