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  • Hi David, Thank you for the clarification! I see what you are saying and agree. We don't have anything available currently that would fit the need so I've requested an updated guide from our technical team. It won't be available this week but I will ...

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    RE: Utility VBO

    thanks again David. Tried clearing but doesn't work. along with chrome and IE, tried also Firefox but no luck. Could you send it to my mail? ------------------------------ Zahib Sidiq Associate KPMG Europe/Oslo ------------------------------

  • The DX team has recently published a list of all of the available assets that have been added to the Digital Exchange. Click here to access the .pdf: ------------------------------ ...

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    RE: I think he means…

    You'll need to modify the code stage, as well as the inputs on "Internal_Get Items" and "Get Received Items (Basic)" for this to work. (Alternatively, grab the version I've uploaded and rename the extension to .bprelease, located here: ...

  • Have you had a chance to check out the new Developer Portal that launched on the DX at Blue Prism World - Orlando? This portal is home to tons of great content aimed at helping our asset developers learn more about how to develop, build and deploy ...





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    Our Blue Prism World conferences lead the way when it comes to automation and digital transformation, with events this year in London and Orlando. But don’t worry if you couldn’t make it to one of the shows in person. On Thursday June 27, 2019 you can join us for Blue Prism World Online – your chance to experience the highlights of our 2019 conferences from the comfort of your own chair.
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