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  • Hi Lucie, Thank you for using Blue Prism. If I understand exactly what you want to do is effectively search in the filename for todays date. What you would need to do is construct a data item that has today's date in exactly the format that it appears ...

  • Hi Medbouk, Thank you for using Blue Prism. Please take a look at our Digitial Exchange area (DX), there is a VBO called Utility - Collection Manipulation. This provides a lot of extra functionality for working with collections. You should be able to ...

  • Hi, Hoping someone might be able to help. I've been using the Ms Outlook VBO for the purpose of forwarding emails using 'Entry ID' as input. My logic has been working perfectly up until now but all of a sudden ​I'm getting error 'Could not execute ...

  • When I am using the VBO Utility - File Management, it is very easy to get text from a textfile. Unfortunately it returns � for characters like 'ß', 'ü' or 'ä'. So how can I eliminate � and get the correct characters?

  • Hi Vijetha, Please check the logs from the Control room to identify the action where it is failing. You might have to adjust the timings in the wait stage if the process is timing out. ------------------------------ Shashank Kumar DX Integrations Partner ...






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