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The browser extension was not detected

Level 3

Issue: "The browser extension was not detected, please check that it has been installed and enabled. For more information, see the browser extension user guide."

I often encounter that error on a runtime machine even though I have installed the Blueprism extension on that machine.This problem is only fixed temporarily if we restart that machinebut it will only be a few days before it will make the same error again.

Can someone give me a definitive solution to this problem !




This error happend due to several reason check below knowledge base article from Blue Prism

  it  would be better  to add additional recovery logic  if this type of exception happen then just close the browser and wait for few seconds and launch the application again .

Retry Logic should be some thing like this:
 1) Recovery Stage
2) Decision stage: If decision stage indicating some thing like "Browser extension was not detected" then  go to step 3 else throw exception
3)Retry condition( Based on how many retry you are intended to retry if it reaches max retry then throw exception else go to step4
4) Resume stage
5) Kill process( all the application using in the process)
6) Sleep 5S ( It varies based on the VM and other factors)

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Harish Mogulluri