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Securing your Decipher installation

When installing and performing the initial configuration of Decipher, many customers do not do the necessary tasks to harden the security of the environment. This guide goes over the salient points required to make your Decipher installation as secur...

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Interact Form

Hello,I would like to know how to change the font type and size when editing an Interact form, especially regarding non-English fonts.I found this post on Idea Exchange:

sumire by Level 8
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Just wanted to let everyone know that Decipher v2.3 is now available to download. I'm looking forward to getting it installed and put it through the paces. From what I've seen of it during pre-release it looks really good. Enjoy jack-----------------...

lookman by Staff
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Guide: How to encode an image as Base 64

Dear Everyone, Recently I was working for one of the process development and part of that I need to encode image as base 64. Regarding this I was exploring with blueprism but unfortunately we have base 64 VBO for “Text” alone. Hence I have created se...

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Resolved! not able to launch the browser

Hi i am trying to launch one webpage in Edge, it was launching but it is throwing below errorFailed to launch application - Could not open target processi am using blue prism learning edition  V 7.3.0 and browser extension is 7.1.2-------------------...

Blue Prism Login agent with RDP

Hi, I want to use the unlock screen action of Blue Prism login agent in a VM machine that i am coonnected to with RDP. Actualy,  I don't need the login action, i just need to unlock the screen when it's locked. The problem is that i can't change the ...

Resolved! Adding a column and populating the Data into that column

Hi All,I've two collections with data in them, now I create a new column in collection1  and without looping in I want to fill the data in the newly created column in such a way that Collection1.Coumn1&Collection2.column1 is the data that is expected...

Resolved! staff number and password for CentrixDataSolutions.exe

Hi,  trying to login for first time with the  centrix data solutions following the steps in Foundation Training Setup guide but no luck with the default ones provided: admin/admin.  does anyone knows the credentials to log in ? ---------------------...


LocalTime to UTC Dates

I'm trying to work out if a certain date in a year would have the hour taken off when converting my LocalTime to a UTC time.What dates does Blue Prism use to ascertain if a date is actually within BST for that year.For example if my localdate is   29...

Unable to re-install Blue Prism

Hi Team,I had the BP V7.3 trial / learning version. It was not working and so i uninstalled and re-installed it. But i am getting the following error. Could you please help me.The file 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\140\Tools\Binn\SQLLocalDB....

skhatri by Staff
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