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Mainframe SendKeys

Hello,I'm using "{ENTER}" to send the ENTER key to the mainframe , but instead of pressing ENTER, it is sending the keys "114Q"

Blue Prism API Installation File

Hello All,I am trying to find Blue Prism API installation file, from the previous posts when I navigated to link, it is showing elevated privileges are needed. I am using Trial edition for blue prism, can some one please share the link to download in...

Get CSV Text as Collection incorrect dates

Hi,I've been using the Get CSV Text as Collection action from the Utility - BPC - File Management object. With date fields it is importing them with a day behind, as shown in the below screenshotsthe dates within the actual csv file:The dates importe...

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Recommended Approach to Dynamic Website Spying

Good morning all,We are currently working on a project that requires us to spy a website and download files from it. Everything worked fine until the automation began to fail. On close inspection, we observed that the web interface had changed (i.e.,...

Resolved! Get Table Items from within iFrame - Edge

Hi,We have just swapped one of our Automations from IE to Edge and having trouble getting table items from within an iFrame.Previously with IE we could just HTML spy the table and use 'Read' - 'Get Table' and place the results into a collection, howe...

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Transpose a collection containing collection

I am trying to transpose a collection that has collections for each of the columns. Using 'Transpose collection' action I am getting the error "Conversion from type 'DataTable' to type 'String' is not valid." .  Is there a way to transpose this data ...

Resolved! Xpath Usage in Blue Prism

Hi all,We have a requirement to use regular expression in Xpath for identification of an element. Now Xpath 1.0 doesn't support regex usage but it does from 2.0 version.Could you please confirm if BP supports a higher version of Xpath presently. BP v...

Issue with Send Email in MS Outlook VBO

Hello, after running successfully for a year, this action stopped working: MS Outlook VBO - Send Mail. It seems to be failing on this step that sends an email from the non-default mailbox. mail.SendUsingAccount(acct)Because if I comment it out, the r...

Control room - resource disconnected

Dear All,Could you please help where is the problem if in Azure environment in Blue Prism control room the resource is disconnected even if the listener is connected and started.thank you. 

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Resolved! Inline image in Outlook Email body

Hi, I am trying to add image to the Outlook HTML email body but it always appears like a red cross. Anyone has any solution for this?Thank you. <html><body><p>Test</p><img src='data&colon;image/jpg;charset=utf-8;base64,QzpcT0cwMDFfRGFpbHkgU2FsZXMgUmV...

POP3/SMTP server not connected

Hi,  We have recently upgraded our platform and having issues with the POP3/SMTP objects.The objects will work in the previous platform but when we try to run them in the new platform we get the below error:"Internal : Could not execute code stage be...