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Check Right click option list

Hi, To copy some records from my application, I am sending 'Right-click' via Global Mouse Click option. Now, this right click option list opens only if there is some data that exists in the application. If there are no rows in the application, the op...

Reading Grid Cell value in loop

I have Grid in a web page, and I would like to spy it such that I am able to browse through the cells and read/write/perform actions on each of them by providing the cell index (row/column). Is there a possibility for the same ?

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Web application double click issue

I have a web application that contains a table; I have no issues spying the table as I can select each cell and read the information. However to navigate to the next screen I need to double click the table. None of the inbuilt commands works. So far...

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Spyng mode not available

Hi, I have issues with accessing spying mode when building a web-based application (for a travel & expense registration system). I have managed to launch the exe. file, but when having done so, the option of identifying elements does not appear as ...

Multiple errors when using the Excel VBO

Good day everyone. I've been trying some automatization process with Excel using the Object provided with BP, but it has proven to be one of the most volatile software I've used. Recently while trying some of Excel VBO actions I've been obtaining th...

Spying Delphi Controlls

Does anyone have any experience spying and read/write/navigate Delphi Controls? Blue Prism does recognize important attributes be default... Any guides will help! Chris

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Getting the number of elements BP has detected

Hi, I was wondering if we could get by any means, within a Process / Business Object the number of occurences an element has been detected by the Application Modeller ? For example: I'm working on Lotus Notes, and there's a list of every employee. ...

Problem spying elements from DB management tools

Good day eveyone. I'm new to Blueprism and in the process of learning how to automate multiple processes. I need to automate some queries executed from a DB management tool know as DbVisualizer, but while using the Application Modeller, Blueprism c...

Anyone worked with TreeView Object before?

Hi I'm new to Blue Prism We are attempting to automate a Windows VB client tool Integral to accessing the Screens on this Tool is a Tree View Object where the Screens are Child nodes of various categories I have identified this object in Application...

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Paste into a new Workbook

Hi everyone. I've been trying to paste data previously copied from a DB Management tool (Ctrl+C) to a newly created Workbook, but with the MS Excel VBO action "Paste" i've been getting an error: PasteSpecial method of Range class failed. If I just ...